behavioral enrichment

Animals in their natural habitats encounter a vast array of environmental stimuli every day. They are constantly involved in the process of survival; they must find food and shelter, and they must avoid predators and other hazards. Their lives are full of challenges.

In order to maintain their physical and psychological health, the animals in our sanctuary are given simulated challenges. Environmental enrichment provides opportunities for the wildlife in our care to engage in play, digging, climbing, and using their senses and problem-solving skills on a daily basis.

In addition to the excitement of being wild teachers in school assemblies, our animals find stimulation in new foods, scents, stuffed toys, and discarded Christmas trees. Our wildlife educators are constantly working to find new ways to keep our animals engaged in healthful activities.

Our volunteers are critical in making new enrichment items. One favorite is a series of nested boxes, with a treat wrapped in tissue inside the innermost box. Depending on the animal, successful completion of the task can take five minutes or five hours.

We are always in need of an array of fun toys and climbing structures. See our wish list for items you could provide for these wonderful animals.