at-risk youth programs

We provide foster youth, at-risk youth, and juvenile-detention-center youth with transformative experiences and activities that build social, emotional, and life skills, while inspiring hope for a successful and positive future.

where animals are the teachers

It is through coming to know our amazing animals and their stories of hardship and recovery that so many of these youth find comfort, valuable life lessons, and optimism.

The teens we work with have a wide range of academic, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Some students run the risk of being expelled from school. Others have struggled with family dysfunction and daily chaos. Each group of students is different, and we tailor the content and activities to best meet the needs of each group. We work closely with the students’ teachers, counselors and staff to align our program with their existing curriculum, treatment and goals.

We make a significant difference in the lives of these underserved youth.

“I learned to be nicer and calm than always mean and I noticed that I have a heart for animals.”
~Foster teen
“[The Wildlife Associates] staff was so skilled at working with our kinds of kids, skilled,
patient and empowering—amazing.”
~Foster-shelter staff

These programs are offered through a collaborative effort between schools and social service agencies. Wildlife Associates does not charge fees for these important at-risk programs. Instead, donors and foundations support this valuable community service. Please consider making a donation today.

program review

From October 2015 to May 2016, Wildlife Associates’ at-risk youth programs underwent a comprehensive and thorough evaluation review. Public Profit, an experienced youth program evaluation team, completed the study in May and the final report can be accessed . We are extremely pleased with this most encouraging and positive report that clearly states we are making a significant difference in the lives of these deserving young people.