summer programs

Bring kids face-to-face with the wild with a transformative experiential learning program where the animals are the teachers.

During the summer and vacation breaks we offer 6 specially designed programs for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area at camps, libraries, child development centers and summer schools—anywhere you want an exciting science education experience.

The excitement and educational value of seeing these beautiful wild animals is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Whether it is a large or small group, young or old, our programs captivate and enthrall everyone!


Wildlife Associates offers an array of programs with varying animals and messages. For detailed program information, view our .

All of our programs are age-appropriate. Programs for children ages 5–8 last 40 to 45 minutes and programs for older children and teens last 45 to 55 minutes. They can be held either indoors or outdoors. Our programs are self-contained so there is little or no preparation required on your part.

summer program fees

$395 each for 6 or more programs
$450 each for 3–5 programs
$495 each for 1–2 programs

Programs are available in 16 Counties throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us for more information.


All programs and prices are subject to change without notice.