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Inspiring compassion, empathy, and understanding for all living things while bringing science alive.

As the students are introduced to a golden eagle, a lynx or a sloth, there is a collective intake of breath; eyes are wide open; and faces beam with expressions of awe and wonder. Instantly, young minds are alert, open and ready to learn.

Since 1980 we have been caring for non-releasable, abused, abandoned and injured wildlife at our wildlife sanctuary. These animals take on the role of Wild Teachers in our nationally acclaimed school assembly programs which educate hundreds of thousands of students in the Bay Area each year.

an expert staff that cares

True professionals in bringing science alive, our educators ensure that your wildlife assembly program is exciting, captivating, and grade-level specific.

nurturing caring and empathy

Our programs foster a sense of wonder, empathy and respect for wildlife and all living beings, touching the hearts and minds of children in powerful and transformative ways.

next-generation california science standards

Our life science instruction is aligned to the Next Generation State Science Standards and helps your students think like scientists and discover the living world around them.

Utilizing children’s fascination and natural connection with animals, our programs make learning science relevant, meaningful and accessible to all learning styles and second language learners.

We cover specific fundamental life sciences in a way that students can understand and relate to, regardless of their age.


Wildlife Associates offers an array of programs with varying animals and messages. For detailed information, view our program brochure. Programs are available in 16 Counties throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us for more information or call to set up a program.


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“That was the most well-rounded, informative, and connected-to-their-lives presentation we have ever had.
The information presented is so important and the way it was presented made it possible to understand and remember it. Thank you!”
“As a new principal attending a meeting of K–5 principals, I asked them to tell me what was the best assembly they had ever seen. Everyone agreed it was Wildlife Associates! We had our assembly today, and I agree. Hands down the best assembly!”